Assure XS Hybrid Iron

The Assure XS hybrid has the face of an iron for accuracy along with the power and forgiveness of a metal wood. The XS weight system places the mass inline with the impact zone and transfers explosive energy directly to the golf ball. The design of the extra wide sole combined with a longer face gets the ball airborne resulting in higher, softer shots to the green.

  • Well defined topline for proper set-up and alignment
  • Weight is placed directly behind impact zone
  • Slight offset keeps hands ahead of clubface for solid contact
  • The best of both worlds accuracy and forgiveness
  • Available in RH 20, 24 and 27degrees, LH 20 and 24 degrees Hosel Bore Size .370
Assure XS Hybrid Iron: 20 24 27
Loft: 20 24 27
Lie: 58.5 59 59.5
Clubhead Weight: 240 247 252
Hosel Offset: 0.75 0.75 0.75
Club length: 39.5 39 38.5