Frequently Asked Questions

Custom Fit
Why Custom Fit?

All pros play clubs that are custom fit. They know that golf clubs made to their specifications perform better, and take advantage of their swing. We believe no golf club should be made based on the golfer’s gender or age. We believe all golf clubs should be built based on the individual’s golf swing. In a true custom fitting environment, there is no man, woman, junior, senior or disabled. There is only one concern that is the individual’s swing pattern. The club fitters’ job is to observe, analyze and determine what head/shaft/grip combination is best suited for the individual and have their clubs built accordingly.

What are Custom Club heads?

These are driver, fairway wood, hybrid, iron and wedges designed from the ground up to provide optimal performance. They are made at the same foundries as more expensive “OEM” models. The most important feature of any club head is quality of design. Custom does not mean “clone”. A clone is an exact copy of an established brand and is illegal!

What are the advantages of custom club heads and custom fitted clubs?

All golfers benefit by clubs that are fit to their height, type of swing and other variables. Custom fitting will precisely measure and deliver the proper length, lie angle, shaft frequency, alignment and flex. Just as a custom tailored garment fits and performs better, so too do custom fit clubs. Original equipment manufacturers offer existing models that are sold off the rack and build them to a limited number of “custom” specifications

What can I expect?

A custom club fitter will gather data about your game and your golf swing during a detailed interview process and a fitting that will usually last an hour. In addition you may be tested using a combination of “low tech” techniques such as impact labels and high tech instruments like launch monitors which measures the speed, path and trajectory. The club maker takes measurements on swing speeds, tempo, transition, shaft loading, length, lie angle, grip size as well as analyzing your golf swing for strengths and weaknesses that will affect your results.

What do I get from all this?

The club fitter will use this information to determine the actual makeup of your set. What combination of clubs (set make up) will allow you to play your best golf.

The club fitter will recommend loft, lie, shaft, grip and any custom variables that can help you play your very best and make the game more fun.

Do I need steel or graphite shafts?

While quality of design is critical in club heads, shafts help power the whole picture. Your club fitter will discuss your playing background and your golf goals and create clubs that take advantage of the swing you have now and where you want to end up. Additionally, he/she may make simple recommendations to help tweak your swing.

What kind of equipment should I expect?

Your club fitter has access to the most advanced technology. You may not see some of the brands he recommends on the tee at a PGA TOUR event, but then, you aren’t paid to play those clubs. You’ll find that the names may be somewhat unfamiliar, but once you put custom fit clubs in your hands, they’ll feel very familiar and comfortable.

What if my swing changes - will I need an adjustment?

Even the pros change their swings. As a player who wants to perform better [after all, that’s why you’re getting custom fit] you’ll probably see a marked improvement in your swing and your game through your own efforts and lessons.

Getting your irons checked for loft and lie at least once a year is recommended.

So, I got custom fitted clubs – I’m all set, right?

Scratch golfers could probably shoot par with a shovel and tennis ball. But just using having custom fit clubs alone won’t make you better. Lessons, practice and regular play all are critical for your game to improve. In fact, FTP [fitting, teaching, playing] is really the way to better play, better scores and more fun.

I really hate beating balls at the range. Is there something else I can do?

Make Some Fun Games. Imagine playing your favorite course – where each shot demands a particular club. Use targets to practice. Focus on changing the trajectory for some shots. Imagine hitting from under or behind trees – the possibilities are endless. Above all – make it fun! Then, transfer that fun to the course. You’ll find you’ll play with more confidence.


You’ve already made the commitment to your game. Now, take it to the next level with getting custom fit. The easiest and most enjoyable way to get better is to get custom fit clubs. Ask your club fitter about his background and process.

You’ll be happy you did.